Colorless is a dark fantasy webcomic that follows the story of a young boy known as Joki, who wakes up in a city called Aisho with no memories of things that happened on February 29th, prior to his appearance there. Joki later meets other kids who don’t have memories of February 29th as well, and are trying to find their families. As the journey goes on, they will learn about the creatures lurking Aisho City’s streets and just how unwelcome humans are.

Colorless updates every Friday!



Colorless is created by Nicole Sands (Niko).

Colorless started as a small inside joke and hobby with friends when I was 15.

Now I work hard to make into something special.

I launched Colorless February 29th 2016.




“Still Dreaming” is composed by: Sadface

Sadface: Newgrounds




Colorless contains some adult themes and sensitive content that may be offensive to some viewers. Read with extreme caution!

Cokkie n Niko