Hello, sorry for the lack of updates, I’ve been busy with other personal priorities. I wanted to announce that we’ll back January 20th.  This guys me enough time to take care of things and catch up with the comic. I personally don’t want to rush out pages in order to keep the Friday updates. So this is why this month we mostly be on hiatus. Thank you for your patience.


We opened a store at Tictal and we’re selling super cute Colorless stickers!

It’s a set of 4 kiss cut stickers (Size: 4″ x 3″ ) for 5 USD.

This is our first time making and selling merchandise, so we hope everything goes well.

If you have any questions you can contact us.


stickerstore jokisticker    stickers


Colorless has a patreon now! consider supporting us monthly!

We’ll reward supporters with access to super cool things you can only get through patreon, like: members only blog, sketches, process break down gif, spoiler art, super old concept art, backgrounds and more!

With your support we can keep the site running smoothly and grow even bigger with all the awesome help and support!

Hey, something really cool happened a couple of days ago. I got the chance to meet Cokkie in person for the first time, which pretty is a BIG deal.

It was crazy, I had to go all the way to Croatia and I almost got lost in Italy.

I drew a lot of crying Joki’s and Ace’s in Cokkie’s sketchbook, too bad I don’t have any pictures of that.

Overall, it was really great to see Cokkie in person, I’m still exhausted from the traveling.


Hello, sorry for the hiatus. We’re back and we’re ready get back into action. Thank you so much for waiting your support means a lot to us, the feedback that we got from the latest update was amazing, we’re glad you liked it.  Though, we’re problems with the video being on the image viewer, it should be fixed this week. If you’re having problems with loading a page, just go to the archive and go to the page “081”, and you should be good. Same goes for any page, just go to the archive. We’re updating again tomorrow, because you guys deserve it. It’s been a while, we promise the story is going to pick up from now on. Thank you for reading Colorless.

-Niko & Cokkie.