Happy April fools day nerds.

Big news here, I made a huge decision for the better of my career. I sold Colorless to Koolaid-Girl for the great price of 1.99 USD dollars. Big Bargain!

She completely owns Colorless now, it’s not longer mines. I do not longer own the rights for any Colorless content.

Sincerely, I was sick of Colorless for a long time and I’m really happy that it’s now on a better place with my friend Koolaid. She’ll be hosting Colorless in her webcomic site, you can see the new Colorless there.

And more excitingly, I’m now the NEW CREATOR OF THE SWEET KICK ASS WEBCOMIC Living When Dead!!!

The cast page has also been update!

That’s right folks, so all those 340 panels are going to go straight to the trash. Living when dead is going to be my new BIG thing. There will be a tremendous big update tomorrow, a total of 1,000 pages would be released for the big launch.

A complete sweet and sick reboot of your favorite zombie doctor and furry demon revamp in my style!

Not only that, there’s already new merchandise for Living When Dead! I’ll be selling brand new 2017 customize Corolla’s! I’ll launch them on our store tomorrow morning ready for shipping!


Hey guys, quick update here. I recently got back from a trip, this is why there wasn’t no updates for this month. Another thing, I started college this week which means updates might delay at times…

I would try my best to update every Friday, but keep in mind that if no update happens during Friday, it means that I just couldn’t finished it and the update might take a bit more.

You could always follow our twitter for any updates regardless updates and delays. Thank you for your patience. I’m trying my best to get the story rolling.

Hello, sorry for the lack of updates, I’ve been busy with other personal priorities. I wanted to announce that we’ll back January 20th.  This guys me enough time to take care of things and catch up with the comic. I personally don’t want to rush out pages in order to keep the Friday updates. So this is why this month we mostly be on hiatus. Thank you for your patience.


We opened a store at Tictail and we’re selling super cute Colorless stickers!

It’s a set of 4 kiss cut stickers (Size: 4″ x 3″ ) for 5 USD.

This is our first time making and selling merchandise, so we hope everything goes well.

If you have any questions you can contact us.


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