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Hey, something really cool happened a couple of days ago. I got the chance to meet Cokkie in person for the first time, which pretty is a BIG deal.

It was crazy, I had to go all the way to Croatia and I almost got lost in Italy.

I drew a lot of crying Joki’s and Ace’s in Cokkie’s sketchbook, too bad I don’t have any pictures of that.

Overall, it was really great to see Cokkie in person, I’m still exhausted from the traveling.


Hello, sorry for the hiatus. We’re back and we’re ready get back into action. Thank you so much for waiting your support means a lot to us, the feedback that we got from the latest update was amazing, we’re glad you liked it.  Though, we’re problems with the video being on the image viewer, it should be fixed this week. If you’re having problems with loading a page, just go to the archive and go to the page “081”, and you should be good. Same goes for any page, just go to the archive. We’re updating again tomorrow, because you guys deserve it. It’s been a while, we promise the story is going to pick up from now on. Thank you for reading Colorless.

-Niko & Cokkie.

Colorless is going to be on a small hiatus. We’ll come back in May with something big. We won’t take long!

Colorless is now 2 months old, and we got a lot of lovely fanart and emails with lots of love, we can’t express our gratitudes for such wonderful support in such little time.

Also we’ll be streaming during the weekends, in our twitch!

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Also, some really awesome fans made a wikia for Colorless, you can check it out here.

Youu can take a look at the wikia and maybe contribute to a page, we already love the wikia so much. Thank you to the fans who started the wikia and put a lot of effort into it so far.

cheers guys, we’ll see ya soon.


Happy April fools guys, the actual update is up in the site. Also, Colorless is already one month old! Thank you guys for reading and hopefully we’ll improve the site some time soon this year.