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★ Fanwork of the Week: ★

By: cosmic-nopedog

HTML tutorial

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Happy April Fools 2019

My video is 75% done, after that, I have some pages to make and some secret stuff.

I’ll upload the video on Patreon once is 100% done.

I apologize for not being able to complete the animated video that was planned for 12/13. It’s being pushed to another date.

Next Update should be around early 2019,  I’ll give more news about a set date for the update, when the video is close to being finished.

Good news, my friend Mia, will be joining me officially as my assistant, doing Animation and coloring work for some panels.

Please give her love, thanks.

Colorless will return December 13th with an animation video update.

If you want to see previews of the animations on work and art process,

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