Joki’s a soft spoken, reserved, boy who gets trapped in a mysterious city called Aisho. Despite his lonely personality, Joki can get easily flustered and awkward at times.

Age: 17 | Birthday: December 13th.





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Ace is a reckless & naïve punk who’s always seeking attention. He tends to show off and make a fool of himself.

Age: 19 | Birthday: June 9th.









The intimidating looking Jack is Hazel’s right hand man. He has a great sense of responsibility. As scary as he may seem, he’s an incredibly sentimental and self aware individual.

Age: 20 | Birthday: April 2nd.








The sweet and shy Andy Zweikowski, the only thing that trumps his passion for cooking is his kindness and will to help others, even with his clumsiness.

Age: 14 | Birthday: February 2nd.









Considered the head leader of the group and also the most wanted human in Aisho’s history. Hazel Corazones, with her utter sarcasm, will win and break the hearts of many. She might be the wildest and indecipherable of them all, but she’ll do about anything to protect the ones she loves.

Age: 20 | Birthday: February 14th.







Mayor of Aisho City, idolized by many animated. He’s the top ruler and controller of Aisho.

Kirous’ main objective is to make Aisho a place of personal absolute bliss.

Age: ??? | Birthday: ???




















A quiet girl that lives in solitude, who spends her days daydreaming nonstop.

Meri doesn’t have any friends besides the sheep she takes care of. It’s rumored that she might be a witch.

Age: 18  | Birthday: January 1st